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Easy to use, cheap!
Don't drop it. Takes mini USb (not micro) to charge.
Here is what I use these for. I had a trashed Asus laptop. I pulled 8 pink 2600mAh 18650 batteries out of it's battery pack. Nice Samsung 18650-26F cells in great shape. I put 4 of them in this. Instant 10,400mAh power bank for $8.00 or so. They work great! My wife's monster Tronsmart PS7 7" cell phone charges at 1%-2% a minute on it. I'd say it's a solid 2.1A output at least. WARNING!: After you put your batteries in it, there is a small square push button switch you may need to press once to "activate" it. The switch is tiny. With the board at the top, the switch is top right. Fastech has another of these with a different color board for like $1 cheaper. I keep buying these because I know they are solid. The 3 LED battery check lights are nice. For what this is I can't really find any faults.
- Joe
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