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Hits harder than my nemesis clone (placebo?) Tiny mod - 3mm shorter than nemmy in 18350 mode Smooth threads Switch works great (once adjusted)
Needs a flat top 18350 Need atty with good +ve pin adjustment Switch needs minor adjustment to reduce wobble Battery rattle adjustment screw (top) needs screwdriver
I absolutely love this mod. I already own a nemesis clone which up to now was my favorite. I bought this to keep at work and wasn't expecting much for $14 but wow - I am impressed. My first impressions were poor though- my atty (RSST) did not sit flush, my battery (efest flat top 35mm length) was rattly, and the switch was crunchy and a little wobbly and I thought - what did I expect for $14!.
But then I realized that the 510 pin was adjustable (using screwdriver)and I was also able to adjust my RSST positive pin to sit flush. The crunchy switch was an easy fix - just took apart/reassembled and once screwed tight, it was smooth. You need to press it in the middle to fire, but it's such a light action this is not an issue for me and it never misfires when standing up. I much prefer the lock ring on this to the nemesis clone, I think the concealed threads means it attracts less dust/dirt so stays smooth.

Something I would recommend to do on this to reduce the throw (also works on nemmy clone)is cut out a small doughnut-shaped piece of cardboard (about 0.5mm thick eg. from cornflake box) and use as a washer under the silver throw adjustment screw. I found that this achieves 2 things - reduces the throw a little and stops the pin from unscrewing once it's tightened. Too thick a piece and it will auto-fire so be careful if you do this, but for me it worked great.

One last thing - I do love my nemmy clone but this one for me looks slightly cooler+less girly although looks are subjective. The tubes are exactly the same brushed finish on both mods, but the mirror effect lock ring on the nemesis makes it look a bit like a giant lipstick tube and also a bit like chromed brass (which I don't like):- for me the brass switch on this one looks miles better.
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