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-great flavor -gobs of vapor -holds a butt load of juice -easy build
-draw could be a bit looser -would be perfect if it were 22m but I am nitpicking...this thing is very nice.
I don't understand this thing at all. It pretty much works just like a jumbo version of a Kanger protank in its design, but the flavor and vapor that pour out of the Tiafun makes the Protank look silly. I am still just getting to know this atty, but my first couple builds were easy and worked great with no fiddling. I never thought I would like anything as much as my Kayfun, but this thing is on par and in some cases better. My opinion is that the Kayfun works better for more rich flavors like chocolates, vanillas, ry4 and such where the Taifun GT gives me better performance on crisp clean flavors like lime, citrus, or green apple. I am glad to have both in my arsenal so I can pick the right one to fit each of my juice choices.

I have been using an easy set up that is simple and recommended by a lot of online reviewers. the build consists of 3 strands of 2mm silica wrapped in a 28gauge micro-coil. Easy to make and performs like a champ. The atty comes with some SS mesh so after I vape a few more tanks full of delicious juice I might try doing the Phil Busardo taifun build that seems to be so popular with Taifun owners these days. But even if I never get that working right...It works great with the simple silica wick build I'm using now and that makes it worth the price to me.

I know a lot of people are concerned about the plastic tank being cracked by some types of juice. I tend to vape a lot of tank cracking juices so I made sure to buy the SS tank for Taifun as soon as it was available SKU 1544800. Even though I ordered it 2 weeks after I ordered the Taifun...Somehow the tank got here before the Atomizer did. So Luckily I have not had to use the Clear tank yet and probably never will as I am almost certain some of my juices would crack it. I haven't heard that being a big issue with the Taifun, but for less than $5 you should just get a SS tank for it. That way you don't have to worry either way. If you buy them at the same time and your plastic tank'll have a back up spare ready instead of having to wait 3 weeks for a new one to arrive.
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