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+good heft and balance +good build quality +crazy sharp +price
Clone or not clone?
I am not sure what this is. When I ordered it I figured it was a Colt Ct434 clone knife. It is exactly the same except without the colt logo. But when I received it the knife and Sheath both had colt branding. I know that most if not all Colt knives are made in China these days so is this a clone or and actual Colt knife made by the same manufacturer that makes the Colt knives imported into the U.S.? The quality on mine is great, its a beautiful knife and even nicer than most colt knives I've seen recently. I rarely buy Colt products because I feel their quality has fallen off in recent years. However this knife is a really comfortable knife to hold with no hot spots it has a well built tough construction and the blade came exquisitely sharp which I am not used to on a Colt knife. I usually have to re-profile the blade before I am happy with them but this one cut real smooth right out of the box. You can not beat the quality of this knife for the price. When you have a heave stout knife with real wood scales like this you may sometimes have big differences in quality from knife to knife, but the one I received is pretty much perfect. I hope the others that purchase this knife will share my fortune.
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