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Plug and play Decent vapor production Cheap to run
Polycarbonate tank (BPA) Small tank
I've been vaping for 20 months and got tired of building and maintaining my attys (Genesis, RDA, etc.) so I went the carto way, the holy grail then was Boge cartos with a tank, delivering consistent vaping, good taste and up to 2 weeks use without maintenance.

The Iclear 30s does does exactly that in a neat package where replacing the coil head is even easier and doesn't require priming like cartos did, vapor production on a VW mod is decent and flavour is on par with the Boge cartos if not better. Vapor is warm which seems normal from a top coil setup, I would not pick this atty for minty or fruit tastes as I prefer these in cool vapor.

Filling the 30s is easy too, just unsrew the top and fill directly with the bottle, no need for needles or other things.

Downsides are the polycarbonate tank (BPA) and the fairly small amount of juice the tank will take. On a Zmax, I find that the vapor production is a bit slow to start compared to the Boge's, the dual coils seem to take longer to heat up. I get burned taste over 15 watts and prefer these around 9-10W.

Considering you can get 4-5 weeks out of one coil head if you boil/dry burn them, they are really cheap to run. Good buy!
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