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looks ok
brass plated bottom button would not unscrew bottom button lock was to tight loose SS extender tube with very little thread
hi I received this mod this morning so I unpacked it and had a look first thing I noticed was the botton button would not unscrew and the lock also would not unscrew so at first I tried my rubber grips to free the locking ring but no luck it was really tight after a while of trying different methods I got my waterpump pliers out and covered the mod in kitchen towel to maybe not damage the mod but still I could not free the ring so it came to the point where I used 2 sets of water pump pliers and this freed the bottom button and the locking ring but at a cost of scratches on the mod this is where I should of stopped but I decided to polish the scratches off of the mod with some polish. I started to polish and bag suddenly I could see a copper colour so it's ruined my mod. Also the SS extender tube has a lot of movement and very little thread. If you want a magneto I would recommend the SS version FT sell as this is a lot better made I know because I own that model the only problem with the ss version is some people don't like the manufacture name on the middle tube but it's a lot better than this brass?(PLATE) version it is very cheaply made not impressed at all

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