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Excellent build quality Superior flavor
NR-R-NR requirement Not the easiest coil build
I already own the first Ithaka FT clone (FASTTECH SKU: 1407800) and it's neck-in-neck with the Kayfun 3.1 as being my favorite RBA. Whether both of these Ithaka clones are from the same manufacturer, I have no idea, but this one definitely has some improvements. As good as the first one is, this one seems to have even smoother threading. One of my main complaints about the first was the AFC ring, which was so loose I had to use teflon tape to tighten it up, and it still moves too easily. On this one, the AFC ring is much tighter and I don't think any modification will be necessary. There are a couple other very minor differences and overall I believe this is an improved version. It did arrive with one broken o-ring and fortunately I had one on-hand that replaced it.

Since the Ithaka requires NR-R-NR wire, it is admittedly more troublesome to coil - but, in my estimation, well worth it. I don't believe any of the pre-made NR-R-NR wire from FT is long enough for the Ithaka and, in any case, I can't recommend them because they are made with nichrome resistance wire and they have a foul taste. I use kanthal(R) and nickel(NR) wire and I'm in the process of building a small wire welder to make things easier. But, twisting your wire together works and it's not that much more trouble. Again, because of the superior flavor provided by the Ithaka, it's a small inconvenience for the benefit received. My recommendation to anyone looking to buy their first high performance RBA is to get the Kayfun first, learn to build coils, then graduate to the Ithaka.
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