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Awesome production Shipped quickly (for once) Works like a champ!
Cold vape takes some warming to... Not for amateurs
When I received this I knew even before I got the package open that I was getting something special! I knew because, when it went on sale I jumped on it immediately, paid and didn't bother having a half dozen or more other items in my order like usual. It was just the Aios...And that package was small but HEAVY! After unpacking I was seriously impressed...Good quality all around. Then came the what do I do with it? Watched a video or two, found I did not have the right size ss rope, so I opted for ss wicking. An half hour later I finally had a skinny enough wick to wick properly and was in business!
I had read about the so called "cold" vape, and boy was that right! I also, after building this surmised that it would be perfect for thicker, high vg on, I could vape a juice I'd formally only drip in an atomizer...Nice bonus! But man is it cold, and dry...almost to the point of discomfort! However, the more I used it, and broke my wick in, the more I found I like doses. And it rocks! Blows huge plums, and seems indestructible...No leaking, keeps working no matter what it's put thru...bullet - proof!
Now FasTech kinda pulled a fast one, coming out with the silver plated contact version almost immediately after selling off all the first run of these I'm sure, but did I feel the need to get one of them too? It sure is affordable...however, this hits so hard that I have no need to think I need more power. In fact, as the Chi-you clone is such a good product, and good deal, I'd rather spend my money on another one of them, as they really make a dripping attys kick ass! I use my Aios daily, if you have a mod it fits, buy it...If you don' one that does, then buy one of these...TOO NOTCH!!
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