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-23mm? -works ok as a single coil dripper -nice drip tip -post holes
-easily strippable allen screws and allen key -adjustable airflow ring is worthless all holes are the same size. Only has one air hole.
As a dual coil dripper this thing pretty much misses every possible mark. There is only one air hole. I guess since it has the double positive post in the middle you could build both coils on the same side and that would help the airflow, but on a dripper you really need the hole right next to the coil to get a decent vape. If you plan on using this as dual coil, you are better off taking the air flow adjustment ring off (it's worthless anyway since all the air hole options are the same size...whats that all about??) and throwing it away then drill another hole on the other side. and you should get a decent vape.

Now as a single coil atty it works pretty good. I took the adjustment ring off and used the single big airhole on a 1.5 ohm coil and got a very good vape. It is similar to the vape I get with My IGO-L, however, if you are looking for a single coil dripper you're better off just getting the IGO-L since it is almost the same price on this site. Also the Igo works with philips head screws instead of those annoying allen screws. The IGO doesn't have the post holes but I would rather deal with capturing the coil leads under a phillips screw head than have post holes and using an allen key. The screws on this atty feel like they are about to be stripped with every turn!

Now that I have one and it cost as much as my Igo-L and works kind of the same, I don't completely regret buying it, but all things being equal I would still prefer the IGO-L since it's just built better than the helio. If you are thinking about getting the IGO be warned it has a tight draw so you may need to bore out the air hole. IF you prefer a bigger air hole and you don't own a drill then maybe the Helio would be better for you.

The last thing I would mention is that this was packaged like crap. It was just the atty in a plastic bag. No box, no extra accessories. I know most attys come with some cheap ni-chrome wire and crappy wick and not anything particularly useful. However, most drippers that use O-rings to hold it together usually come with some spare o-rings. I wish this atty had some because the first time I pulled the top off both orings fell apart. they were completely dry rotted and since this atty is a little bigger in diameter than most drippers I own, none of the spares I had for my other atomizers would fit it. I ended up having to take a couple strands of fiber from a cotton wick and wrap it around the base to hold the cap on until I can find some o-rings that fit. As for the wider diameter 23mm is kind of cool for a dripper. I think it looks cool on the Nemesis even though the Nemesis is only 22mm It matches nice. Would look great on a Chi You too since it is 23mm I think.
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