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Build quality is really good, 10/10 Solid jack plug Very clear & loud with reasonable bass Lightweight alloy, comfortable in ear "Premium" packaging (=ideal gift!)
TH-EC30 (sku #1460507) have more bass + sl. louder
I previously bought TH-EC30 (sku #1460507) from here and was very impressed with the build and sound/bass quality. They lasted me about 6 Months before the jack plug failed but they took some absolute abuse befor giving out (eg dropping device multiple times whilst plugged in etc) so i was nevertheless impressed. So this time around I bought these EC32s, they're similarly of very high build quality; they're made of a slightly different alloy to the EC30s which is noticeably lighter so consequently are slightly more comfortable over long time periods which might be a factor, but the bass & overall loudness whilst still very impressive (especially at this price) is slightly less pronounced in them. The overall build & sound quality is very good, and they put other "premium" headphone brands to shame; so I'd still recommend these highly. Personally I marginally prefer the EC30s over these: however if you prefer lighter/less bassy earphones these would be the ones to choose.
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