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A lot of people comparing this knife to a small Chris Reeves Sabenza. I can't lie I bought this knife for that reason. I have a small sabenza with non of the extras (that's the best I could afford) even though it isnt the best one out there I didnt want to use it all the time and mess it up so I bought this thinking it was a one for one clone that I can use instead. The way the pictures are taken it is very easy to mistake this for a clone but there are a few differences that are very important. the scales are a little shorter and chunkier and this is probably to cover more of the blade since the blade on this Sanrenmu had a much larger belly to it than the more spearlike sabenza. the shape of the blade is going to make the knifes cut completely different from one another and there is no comparison in my opinion. Not to say the Sanrenmu is not nice, just different and I prefer the Sabenza. I do like the Jimping on the Sanrenmu better though.

If you want a good Sabenza like knife the Ganzo 717 is a better reproduction but they don't make it in the small size. All that being said if you are just looking for a decent quality EDC knife that works well and won't break the bank this is a good choice.
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