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Taste is subjective as we all know. Personally this flavour is one I've sought for a while.

Four years ago I used to buy a cream flavour from a UK vendor. It was this cream flavour, except it was mixed with a tobacco (I have yet to find again). Together they were heaven. Not everyone's taste, granted, but I really do like this flavour. It's a rich, pudding like cream. Slightly sweet, caramelised milkiness.

If you love rich creamy flavours you'll more than likely find this one suits you. Add it to a good, rounded tobacco and you'll have a great mix.

Downside is that slight harsh quality that chinese liquids often seem to possess. You can smell the harshness in the bottle, it masks the scent of the cream. Once vaped though, it's just there in the background rather than overtaking the flavour. Flavour could be a little stronger for my own personal tastes but I think it's strong enough for most as it is.

I think this liquid would be a good mixer with fruit and vanilla flavour eliquids for a killer creme patisserie fruit tart type flavour.
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