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nice switch looks nice performs well reverse threading on locking mechanism
telescope tube has several problems crappy build quality
Over all this thing looks and feels nice. It works fairly well with little voltage drop.

The telescoping tube on this mod is its weakness.
1. it is too narrow to comfortably fit a kick. you Can get one in if you are persistent but its like ramming a canon ball into a cannon.
2. some of my batteries are too fat to fit in the tube without getting stuck
3. the mod is a bit short so I had problems with some button top batteries, flat tops fit better on this mod.
4. poor workmanship on the tube. you can see the welded seam inside the tube where the flat metal was rolled into a tube then welded closed. The brushed finish hides imperfection on the outer finish but the inside looks like cheap junk.
5. Instead of the threads starting on the ends they start 1/8 on an inch into the tube. this means that with both sides added up you are losing 1/4 inch of length on your telescope. This would easily accommodate things like button top batteries, protected batteries, or cent fuses.

In addition when I first got it the head wouldn't come off even though the picture on fasttech clearly shows that it is removable. I twisted and twisted on this thing and it wouldn't break free. Finally I tried freezing it to make the metal contract so that when I gabbed it with my warm hands the head would expand and the colder center tube would unscrew easily. It worked only instead of finding that the metal had contract/expanded...I found that what caused it to break free had nothing to do with the fit of the metal.

The white dlerin plastic that holds the head pin in place is glued in place. Some of this glue had leaked and glued the telescope tube to the head. I nearly crushed the center tube trying to get it out. Luckily I am handy with tools and got it apart without damaging the finish but if you encounter this you may want to just send it back for a replacement. I have not seen anyone else run into this on the other reviews. However between the glue issue and the poor workmanship I found on the machining of the tube, I would say the overall build quality of this thing is shoddy. Looks great on the outside but that cool design outside conceals some ugly problems inside. I know its only 20 bucks but $20 can buy you nicer stuff on this website.
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