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Heavy and solidly built Hits like a freight train
Very impressed. I like a heavy mod and this one sure fits the bill. My only other mechanical is a KTS (SKU 1363300)and there is simply no comparison. I put my Trident dripper on both and the V2 blew the KTS away. At this point, I can't imagine that I will ever use the KTS again. For size and convenience, I prefer using a IMR18500 battery, and with that this mech fits perfectly in my hand. If I ever needed it, this would be great for self-defense also because it's like carrying a roll of quarters in your hand. Haven't tried the 18650 battery yet, but with the 18500 this will sit up without having to lock the firing button. The locking ring is perhaps a little looser than I would like, but not a significant issue. I have the M16 on order, but can't imagine that I could like any more than the V2. We'll see.
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