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Overall   (3.7)
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- 24mg nic (really feel that hit!) - flavour once diluted a little is pretty good
- Flavour a bit strong without diluting in some VG
This flavour is pretty good. Mostly on the exhale I notice a sweet taste and a kind of fruity flavour that is not bad. I have tasted 2 rum flavours I prefer but this one is still pretty good and easily vapable. I just found the flavour quite strong so diluting it with 1/3 or even 1/2 of straight vegetable glycerine makes it taste just right for myself & my friend. Being 24mg diluting with straight VG is okay for me. If you want to keep the 24mg nic hit you can dilute with the fake (no logo or box) Hangsen rum which is very mild in flavour.

If you want another rum flavour that myself & my friend like even more than this one and already has at great favour straight out of the box I recommend the authentic Hangsen rum (real logo & box) here: Note that the authentic Hangsen rum only goes up to 16mg of nicotine but this is fine for me and still quite high.
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