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Smaller Tank Size Is Great 2 Me! Smooth Threading & Good Seals Good Vapor Production & Flavor Knurled Base!!!
I think this is an unbranded Mini T3S, without the upper and lower metal banding sections to further cut costs, that or maybe a pre T3S production model? Looks the same at T3S to me, minus the metal bands at top and bottom section.

These also look like an EVOD without the metal sleeve, but the plastic is MUCH thicker on this compared to an EVOD, plus you get the knurled base making refilling a breeze!

These are very solid and sturdy, while providing the perfect vapor and flavor! I did not test stock coil before rebuilding so I can't vouch for those, but once rebuilt with cotton the clouds of joy commenced! :)

A note about the coil heads - Some of these FastTech EVOD's and these T3 style tanks will accept Kanger Protank/EVOD coil heads, some will not. The same applies with some of the FastTech EVOD coil heads, sometimes your EVOD will accept the long or short heads sold here, other times they'll fit the short only, so there is some inconsistency even amongst the same SKU - just something to be aware of!

I'd recommend these to any EVOD Fan, or new vaper! Note to all - be sure you wash them out thoroughly before using!!

Thanks for all the great deals FastTech, keep them coming!
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