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Overall   (4.5)
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- Superior SS build quality - Exceptionally smooth threading - Juice and airflow control - Adjustable center pin - Attractive and expensive looking design
- No spare parts or o-rings - Airflow control ring too loose - Included coil is unusable
I've never handled an authentic Ithaka, so I can't compare to the original, but I can compare this clone to the numerous other RBA/RDA's I have purchased from FT and this is, hands down, the very best of the bunch. The stainless steel construction is impeccable, with the smoothest threading by far of any device I own. Assuming this is a 1:1 clone, the Ithaka designer(s) actually over-engineered this RBA, which I truly appreciate. Setup isn't difficult, particularly after your first rebuild, which I did almost immediately because the included coil was virtually unusable. Even though my first dual coils aren't exactly perfect, I've been getting excellent flavor and vapor volume for the past several days. The juice and airflow controls are straight forward and easy to adjust and I've experienced no gurgling or flooding. Any complaints I might have are really relatively minor. It would have been nice if a few o-rings, at least, had been included. The coils that came installed were terrible and really had me a little concerned until I replaced them with my own. And, the airflow control ring is too loose, but some teflon tape took care of that. Overall, as you can gather, I'm very impressed and feel this was money very well spent. I'm really interested now to compare this Ithaka clone to the build quality of the Kayfun 3.1 clone I currently have on order.
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