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It's a heavy solid feeling RBA No leaks Works awesome
Threads are a bit off. Too easy to cross-thread More chrome looking than Stainless Steel May not thread onto your MOD
Good first? ok. This thing works great. Feels great. Looks great.
Similar to the Oddy or Terminator but with slight improvements.

Bad? no? too bad. The threading on the mouthpiece and the little top cap is off.
When screwing together they easily cross-thread or get stuck. If you take time to align the pieces they work great. But don't just try and screw things together like you would normal RBA's

If you take your time assembling it and pay attention to the threading it doesn't give you any problems and works exceptionally well.

I bought this after I owned a Terminator and it is as good. (Less threading) and I can lay my MOD on its side without fear of leaks.
I have this on my ChiYou clone (FastTech SKU 1438500) and it works great. but it did not thread onto my Segeli but did thread onto my Smoke Natural.
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