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-low voltage drop under load -no battery rattle -no play at all -floating pin -smooth threads
-it's a clone
I own a few high end mods, nemesis GMTS, etc... this thing simply rocks! .24 voltage drop underloan on a 1 ohm build, brass contacts, full brass, mod, at this price point i cannot fault it. I really am so impressed with this, the threads are all smooth, i also own the silver one and this one is much better. I really don't know what else to say. This is simply put: a winner.

my current build is a .4 ohm dual coil igo-w in 18650 mode, if you been thinking about buying this, just get it. I honestly cannot fault it what so ever, it is so far the best cheap mod i have tried and honestly hits just as hard as my high end mods.
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