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Waited a bit to write this review. This was my first mechanical, I bought the trident in gold and a brass drip tip from here to have a gold/brass setup. Have bought a few mechanicals and atomizers and tanks since then but keep going back to this setup. At first I didn't want to take it out and about with me because I didn't want it to get jacked up but it works so well I bring it with me. Very solid and honestly the pictures here don't do it justice looks really nice in person. Threading was little rough at first but with use and some nolox it threads great. Overall it works like a dream. Only minor complaint is the button unscrewing a bit when using the locking ring but doesn't bother me one bit. Overall I have bought quite a few mechanicals from here but keep going back to this setup. Usually do dual coils with 0.9 ribbon, 3mm German silica rope at about 0.3 ohms and along with quality batteries this thing keeps up quite well as does the trident clone. Great value for the price.
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