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- On mine (ordered 24-Apr-2014) all metal parts stainless steel - O-rings on housing & drip tip are a snug fit (no wobble) - Slim 14mm size fits my Ego style batteries - Screws & posts for mounting coil are stainless steel - Super cheap
- One 1mm air hole doesn't produce much vapour (I drilled a 2nd hole which helped a lot) - Stock mounted coil was giving fluctuating ohm readings going below the 1ohm range (after unscrewing and remounting it reads around 2.2ohms contant.)
Very happy with this RDA! With fairly easy modification described below it chucks good vapour and has good flavour. Other people complained of the housing getting hot as well as issues of it wobbling around with loose O-rings. I had no issues as stainless steel not aluminium and is stainless which I can say for sure as I had to drill an extra air hole which took quite a bit of time and pressure. Steel is tough to drill compares with aluminium. The stock hole is around 1mm. I could not drill an extra hole with a 1mm drill bit as the bit was bending (about to snap) and not cutting enough. With a 1/16 drill bit (1.6mm) I was able to get drill an extra hole which now makes this RDA produce lots of lots more vapour and I can hold my finger over 1 hole if I want to regulate airflow. The 2 base silicone O-rings fit snugly on mine and there was no wobble. Be careful with the stock coil. With my $5 multimeter it was reading fluctuating readings going below the 1ohm range. Obviously not checked after assembly. After unscrewing, torching coil and compressing loosely wound coils together with tweezers (like a micro coil) and remounting I get a good constant reading around 2.2ohms. I kept the wick silica in place and wrapped a little more silica wick around the posts for easy washing then torching or dry burning so I can quickly change flavours. This does need a beauty ring to look flush. I used Here is a picture link of mine showing this RDA and the 1/16 hole drilled along mounted on a 650mAh Ego battery with the beauty ring linked above. I've shown it next to a black 650mAh battery with a Protank-II Mini V2 so you can see how small and compact this nice RDA is.
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