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I like this little fan. I can get similar fans locally that run on 110v for about $10, so my review will be in comparison to those. This fan does not move as much air as the 110v models, but that is to be expected - there's only so much power in a USB jack. This fan is not as durable as the 110v fans I can get locally, but it's durable enough. This fan does move enough air to be useful if you are close enough to it, for example - sitting on your desk blowing at your face on a hot day. Sometimes I think the cord could be longer, sometimes I think it could be shorter - I guess it must be the right length then :) The feet move about too freely and are slippery plactic. I'll be replacing them with some bits of rubber tubing. Sound/noise is ok. I like to hear a fan when I sleep, the white noise quiets the street noise where I live. This fan is just loud enough to accomplish this task. I'd like to see this about $2 cheaper to match it's quality to what I can buy locally when the shipping time is considered.
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