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I picked up this flavor on a whim not having the faintest idea beforehand what Osmanthus was. The wife suggested I should Google it to see what I could find, so I did. Turns out Osmanthus is a fragrant and mainly Asian flower that varies from large shrubs to small trees. It seems to also grow in the southeastern US and goes by the name Devilwood. Pretty neat!

As far as flavor goes, to each their own. I've been running this on a 2.2 ohm ViVi Nova coil through a Vamo. Throat hit has been a tad light for me (I typically prefer 28-36mg). It's a very light, almost delicate fruit-like taste to me. It's definitely not citrusy, but I can't quite compare it directly to any other taste I know of, but I really like it. I am definitely going to be reordering this, and would jump on a 30 or 50ml bottle in a heartbeat!

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