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-charges pretty fast for usb -triangular shape is ergonomic -easy to use -works with one or more batteries
-opening is could be easier -no instructions in english
Love this product because it's simple. Don't you wish all practical things were more simple? Basically, put three 18650 batteries in, plug it into a micro USB and charge it up. then use it to charge your other USB devices as needed.

The best design point is that each battery is a different circuit instead of it being a true Battery pack in which you have multiple cells tied together for a single cumulative output. The advantages of separate circuits are (A) you can put in 3 batteries in varying states of charge. they do not all have to be drained to the same voltage for safe recharging. (B)you can use 1, 2, or 3 batteries and your output voltage and current will always remain constant. (C) the voltage of the batteries are not cumulative so the number of cells you use will not affect the device you are charging. It always outputs a standard USB output regardless of the condition of the batteries or how many you are using. Nice!

My only gripe is that there is a very quick description of operation on the package but it is only in Chinese so I had to figure out how the thing worked by fiddling with it. (A) there are no tabs or buttons to get it open so grab the white end in one hand and the gray in the other and pull. I wish this was better, I am always afraid of breaking it. (B) it has a color code for charging, when you plug it in the LED flashes Red and means battery under 33%. bewteen 33%-66% it flashes orange, finally 67%-99% it flashes green. When it is done charging the light goes out completely....kind of important to know . DO NOT STOP CHARGING WHEN IT FLASHES GREEN. (C)Last thing is, there is an LED convenience light built in right below the micro USB charging port. To turn it on Press and hold the thumb button (the one that glows while charging) for Three seconds. To turn off press and hold again for 3 seconds.

It didn't take long for me to figure this out so I didn't let it affect my product rating, but it took about 4 hours to charge a set of batteries and the last couple hours I was wondering will the light got solid green when its finished or how else will I it charged now? what's it doing. So maybe my tips above will save potential buyers from the guessing game.
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