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Solid build. Easy to use. Works well. Iclear 30's Easy to read screen.
Chrome plated battery cap. Long tube is surplus to requirement.
This is a great VV/VW device, it works well, once set up in VW mode if gives you the same quality of vape whatever the ohms rating of the attached atty without having to keep change the settings.

It is very robustly built, the SS finish is really good, I have been using mine for almost a year and everything still works.

The supplied iclear 30's work really well on it and are a good vape.

It comes with two tubes, the shorter tube works with all battery sizes and is not wobbly in use like the longer tube which is surplus to requirement.

The only downside is the battery end cap which is chrome plated and not stainless steel like the rest of the mod, the chrome finish is very thin and soon starts to wear off.

I did have a few misfires on the button, but after cleaning the battery contacts and the threads, that problem seems to have cleared up again.

This is a good solidly built VV/VW mod and it is Recommended, but the express kit without the unnecessary long tube is better value.
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