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one of the few 14500 mods, but at a unbeatteable price
a bit heavy, not sure if all 14500 will fit
I doubted to buy the kit or only body. Finally as I already have charger, have the atomizers, I decided to buy only the body and battery apart. One of the feature is that IT DOES CHARGE WITH EGO USB CHARGER. So you do not have to take the battery out to charge.
On the other hand is like 1-2 mm wider the an Ego, button, and the threads are the same. It is heavy, well build, very nice threads, will have to see how the cromed finishing will behave on the future. Five clicks to change from red (3.2V measured) to purple (actually red and blue led light up at same time (3.7V measured), then to blue (they state that is 4.2 V But with a 3.8V charged battery I measured 3.7V) and last again five clicks to shut off. So variable voltage is relative, but is nice anyway.
I also had issues with the 14500 Nitecore battery bought also here. The issue is that maybe the battery is wider or this mod is narrower, but the thing isn tha it woudln't fit. I had to peel the bat, in order to be able to fit.
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