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Rubberized Coating On Tank Liquid Viewing Window Many Cool Colors Available (Color is Bold too) Doesn't Leak or Gurgle
Cheaper Wicking Material Used In Heads Can Be Hard To Unscrew Heads Due To No Knurling
I purchased a few of these on my latest order, and I've been pleasantly surprised to say the least!

I ordered two different colors (Orange and Blue), and each arrived with different head styles, which you can see FastTech offers both types long and short. Both of these styles seems to work very well for me, with little to no difference between how each vaped. I rebuilt both with better materials of course, but I did test each as-shipped before I rebuilt.

The wick that comes with these is bad/cheap, and you can taste it when they get near dry. I thoroughly cleaned each one out, wick too, with hot water (Soap too on everything but the heads). The coils were NOT evenly spaced, but before testing I did even them out, so that doesn't affect my onions mentioned above. If you purchase these please rebuild your own heads with better silica, or cotton which is what I prefer and suggest.

I knew before ordering I would be rebuilding the heads, so that's a non-issue for me. If you cannot rebuild heads I would highly suggest you purchase some brand name EVOD heads to use in these. If you can rebuild the heads, get your order in now, you'll be all set and you'll love em!

Once the heads are rebuilt these hit very nicely!! Vapor and flavor are great, much better than I get from a brand name T3, which I had hoped would be the case.

The colors are bright and bold, and the outer metal tank section is coated with that rubberized coating we all know so well (eGo). This is a nice bright orange, just like the image shows!

Overall I'm very happy I purchased these, and can't wait to get in another order for a few more!!

Thanks FastTech!
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