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Lovely Velvet Blue Finish Smaller Tank Size 2 Me Is Great! Smooth Threading & Good Seals Vapor Production Is Good!
Inner Plastic Section On These Is Thin = Be Careful!
I love the Sky Blue finish on these, it's so smooth and sexy! :)

Great flavor and vapor, after rebuilding with cotton. I did not test the stock heads, as I don't usually like the flavor of stock wicking material, so I assumed these would have an off taste to me anyway based on my previous experience with the same SKU that I did test.

The only negative thing about these EVOD's is you have to be careful gripping them when removing the base, because the plastic inside is VERY thin so it's super easy to crack it! I'm not sure if the same applies to Kanger EVOD's or not, but I'd assume so since I often see complaints of those leaking from the window too because that's the outcome of a cracked inner tank section. They should have made the bases of these knurled, that would cut down on the pressure needed to be applied to screw/unscrew the base.

My pro-tip to avoid this cracking issue - when screwing in or unscrewing the base, hold the tank section by the upper mouthpiece/top band portion ONLY between your thumb and forefinger and then grip the base tightly while you turn. If you hold the tank section anywhere while unscrewing the base it will eventually crack, probably sooner rather than later as it's very easy to crack it, sometimes it's easy to see the crack in the window, but it's not always visible

So just be careful how you fill these!!

On the coil heads - Some of these FastTech EVOD's will accept Kanger Protank/EVOD coil heads, some will not. The same applies with some of the FastTech EVOD coil heads, sometimes your EVOD will accept the long or short heads sold here, other times they'll fit the short only, so there is some inconsistency even amongst the same SKU - just something to be aware of!

I'd recommend these to any EVOD Fan, or new user! Just be sure you give them a VERY good washing before using!!

Thanks for all the great deals FastTech, keep them coming!
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