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Excellent looking Clone Dual RBA that can produce massive clouds Overall Quality is solid
Grub screws are terrible quality and strip quickly Hex key included is extremely soft metal and strips quickly Requires immediate vent hole modification Comes with only 1 hole
First off let me say, I really enjoy this RBA (Nimbus Clone) but have a few complaints others should be aware of right off the get go.. This RBA only comes with 1 hole roughly 1mm in size. So right off the bat you're going to be making hole modifications because the pre-drilled hole is far to small, and because it only comes with (1) you're going to be needing a 2nd one for the other coil. If you're like me and do not own a drill press, this is going to be a bit of a pain as the steel this thing is made up of is very solid and quite thick. Not as thin as the IGO-L. I had to use a "C" clamp with it on a table to add my 2nd hole and bore out the original. Currently I have (2) 3/32 holes one on each side for each coil and it works GREAT!

Secondly the grub screws for this thing and the Hex Key included are complete junk. Finding standard screws for it are also going to be insanely tough as they are 2mm X .4mm in size. I've only been able to locate one place that sells them at .67cents ea. However shipping was $12! Needless to say I wasn't going to do that. So I decided to pickup a cheaper RBA here on FT and use the screws that came with that one (they fit) for around $5. Trust me, you will quickly find the grub screws that comes with this problematic. Because of this I will not be picking up a 2nd one like I originally planned.

Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with the one I own and the vape clouds are enormous running mine at .6ohms on a mechanical mod. I just wish they put more serious thought into this design.
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