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Overall   (4.5)
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Very bright... at least 600 real lumens (tested vs two 300lumen surefires. It outshone the two together) Very nice machining Very easy to use in 3 mode group Decent throw and a huge flood Very nice white color through most of beam pattern Great battery life
Slightly ringy beam pattern Purple tint at the very edges of beamt No good clip designed for it Not sure how well the lense will hold up
This light has been my edc since I bought it.
I have not dropped it or soaked it so I can't talk durability but it seems decent.
Do not buy the pocket clip (the one on the s4, fast tech sells it for $2.~~ and its garbage) or the hard shell ultra fire case ($3.~~ does not fit)
I will be buying another convoy light, just need to decide which? So many choices!
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