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very good light throw.
anodized/painted fillets on body rear side and button side.
A very good and sturdy pocket flashlight, but it needed some modifications. Used with a standard 18650 battery( not protected) with an actual length of 65 mm was pressing too much on driver so I decided to cut from both springs,the one on driver and the one on button to give just some contact between this 2 springs with just the right amount of pressure.
Due to too long body fillet on the bottom side, the button enclosure remains somewhat not fully closed( there are 2 o'rings there for water tightening and 1 was not fully covered by the button part).I sanded down like 1-2 mm from bottom fillet of body to make it fit just right.
If you decide to do this sanding operation, be careful because body must make contact with a copper ring that holds the button, so don't go too crazy with sanding. Sand, test, sand some more.
No way this fits a protected battery.
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