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I had to Google Yuxi, being an American I had no earthly idea what this could be! Turns out, Yuxi is a city in the Yunnan province. It sounds like a nice place with mild, dry winters and warm rainy summers and stays between 63-80 degrees year round. Definitely sounds better than my New Hampshire winters!

So why is this liquid named after a city of 2.5 million people? Well, Yuxi is also the headquarters of the Hongta cigarette company! I'll just let Wikipedia take it directly from here: "Yuxi is the home of the Hongta Group, which was named after the Red Pagoda which sits atop a nearby hill...The tobacco is of high quality due to the fact that there are over 2300 hours of sunlight a year in the region, adequate rainfall in the summer, and excellent soil that produces a plethora of other fruits and vegetables." Sounds a lot like California's Sonoma valley. Good stuff.

So what's it taste like? Well, as always, to each their own. I've been running this through a 2.2 ohm ViVi Nova coil on a Vamo. It's an absolute joy of a taste with seemingly equal parts deep earthy tobacco leaf and rich, mildly sweet green tea leaf. Throat hit is a tad bit light for me (I prefer something between 26-36mg), but I'm definitely a fan of this and will definitely be ordering more down the road! Thanks Fast Tech!
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