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-Cheap -Fab beginners flashlight -Fab security / dog walking/ safety/ glovebox addition -Useful clip )but no strap)
- Need good batteries, my Panny's dim after 25 minutes-ish use
I know nothing about flashlights (torches) but as I needed one, and the review from another e-cig user caught my eye, I went with this. I wanted something bright, and I got it. Put it this way, we were in a situation a few days ago when a group of us were wild camping and some of the local boy racers decided to come and do wheel spins around our campers late one night. Not only was I confident that I had suitably blinded them when I shone this little beast at them, I was also able to nicely light up their vehicles across the bay (some 400 or 500 metres), where they had decided to park up. Everyone elses flashlights shone a pitiful beam towards them, including some big brute thing with a handle which seemed to be bright but didn't throw light as far is it ought to. I'm happy with that.
Otherwise, it is a nice powerful beam for everyday use. Get one for your car, for your safety, for your dog walking, it's a very fine little torch that may not measure up to the pro's standards but it's brilliant for the rest of us :)
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