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Solar not just a gimmick. Very decent runtime. Bright (very visible)
Needs to be put in sun (not Not the best build quality. Can't handle water drenching. Keeps 'drooping'
I have the exact same model, purchased well over a year and a half ago from a seller on eBay, so based on my experience with FastTech, this one is just as good, if not better.

Still works perfectly fine!

Biggest gripe I have about it is that I have a weird diameter seat tube, which means that the light doesn't fit perfectly, and as a result, the light begins to 'droop' and face downward after going over bumps and cracks on my less-than-forgiving road bike. A little bit of PVA glue does the trick just fine, try not to use super glue because it will make the plastic too brittle.

One time I rode in very wet conditions without a mudguard, and the light was drenched in water. After it dried off and charged in the sun, it worked totally normally.

It's completely made of plastic, most of it matte black and rubberised, but feels very decent, especially for the price.

Light is bright and is very visible, great strobe modes.

Very much recommended by me, would buy again if mine broke.
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