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-surprisingly good efficiency when used with single diode and single Li-ion, -nice design with known 7135 regulators, -4 regulators on top, 2 on bottom (on spring side, easier rework), -very nice and clean soldering, -price.
-still firmware could've been more advanced, -MID mode could've been a bit lower (30%).
Everyone knows these nanjg drivers with x*AMC7135. Here we have a nice version for 2.1A with 2 mode group, which is a very useful variation (90% of time you'll probably use just the low/mid/high). 4 7135's are soldered on top (on Attiny side) and 2 on spring side, with two empty pads for regulators (in opposite to what you can see on FT photos). This is good, because you can add a regulator if you think you need more light after soldering the driver in a pillar.
Too bad that the 2 group variation is the only addition to the firmware, since there can be much more.
Accordingly to my current measurements modes seems to be 5%/40%/100% (around 2.08A at full, so accurate enough). But if I could choose I would put the MID mode more to the range of 30% to give more difference from HI and also to save battery on this mode, which in practice can be used most often.
Anyway, a good driver, at a fair price.
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