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Zeroing feature Inner diameter measuring
Battery cover in a bad spot but not a deal breaker
I use this for measuring wire sizes around the house as well as my vape wire builds after I make an elaborate build. Measures my wife's earring sizes for replacing the little balls the thread down onto the earrings. Get very accurate girth measurements on my cock. Get very accurate inner diameter measurements of my blow up dolls and masturbaters and my wife uses it to measure her girlfriends play holes. It measures EVERYTHING! It's saved my life once too and even helped me get out of the woods when a bear was chasing me. You can make PacMan motions with it too and that is always a great party trick that gets some laughs. I just wish it was bigger so I could store it in my butt with a better fit. If you're a vaper, a husband/boyfriend, a lesbian/bi-sexual woman, a hunter or outdoor adventurer, partier, or just an all-around deviant this is the thing for you.
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