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-cheap -portable -easy to use
-looks different than image -sloppy constuction
Over all this thing is pretty darn nice and it costs next to nothing. It is way better than you would expect for such a cheaply priced lighter. The tank looks like flimsy crap in the picture, but it's actually pretty tough. Glad I took a chance and ordered one despite my thanks to the members that reviewed it, glad I followed your advice.

I only have two gripes with it. The image shows that it comes in different colors. I was hoping for a red one...Oh well mine is completely clear from top to bottom (which isn't even shown as an option on the listing). I guess that makes it easier to see the entire tank instead of just the bottom being clear so that is good, but a red one would have been cooler...if I in fact would have gotten a red one. After all they don't let you select a color.

The other minor issue I had was that there is a textured gripping surface on the front which I assume gives you a place to rest your finger while operating the lighter. On mine this grip slides back and forth. At first I thought this was an adjustment switch for adjusting the flow of fuel/flame size. Turns out the fuel adjustment is on the bottom of the tank and the a fore mentioned loose piece is loose for no good reason. Doesn't effect performance though so I guess it doesn't matter much but it does suggest the build quality is poor. Still worth the 3 bucks though.
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