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Good vapour production Works well with Riva EGO battery Easy to strip for cleaning No leaks despite daily pocket carry
Slightly large compared to a CE4 Make sure you unscrew using knurled part
I only started vaping at the start of the year and only got one CE4 with my kit. Bought a couple of these as I prefer the clearmiser system to cartomisers. So far I'm very impresses. I've had one on the go for a few weeks and have cleaned it twice. Easy to take apart, run under hot watter, dry and use again. Doesn't seem to hold strong flavours once cleaned so good if you like to try different fluids.

In use I find I get plenty of vape. Flavours come through nicely and it's a snip to top up the tank, just be careful not to get any fluid down the air hole. Plenty of videos on-line to show you how to use it properly. Compared to the prices on lots of the dedicated vape sites the price is fantastic. I love mine and have already recommended these to a couple of friends who are also just getting into the ecig thing.

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