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Cheap, good, small, easy to use. Mode memory works great for me, and i also like the SOS mode is hidden in double-OFF-ON-OFF-ON click. Easy to solder to bottom plate
Low battery warning is stupid, looks stupid and kills the battery. High mode stabilization stops @~3.8V, so all battery terminals and wires have to be very good quality not to loose extra power.
Mine came with blue PCB, and i was never able to switch between the groups, i just have Low-med-high with 1 click and SOS strobe with double-click

I use it in 1S DIY project, it is not just a flashlight but some externally powered wall emergency light, so i do power and control it in different ways (from battery, from AC, with hard switch and with soft mode-switching button and a MOSFET key).

In high mode power dissipation is about 2-3W (measured with fingers), in Med and Min it is not felt at all!

I really like this driver for all three modes:
1) High is high but not too high, just 2800ma, not 3000 or 3400, i with it was 2400 to save power.
2) Med is ~1A which is a great balance in power and light
3) Low is ~100ma that is still high enough for work, this is not a moonlight!

The bat thing is low batteery warning. I don't see the driver switching from High to Med and from Med to Low, instead it will stand in high (the FET will be open but due to low voltage the current will be ~0.4A) and then it starts slow breating back and forth when voltage is less that 3.0V

Even if the driver is in Low mode it will start constantly breathing from Low-% to 100% (which is open FET but curret is close to Mid levels) and will kill the battery much faster!
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