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Fits AA lights well Always turns on in High mode Surprising performance with 1.5v AA Excellent performance with 14500
Only one... it isn't free!
I bought 10 of these and have used 6 so far. I use these to upgrade 1xAA lights with good quality construction but equipped with Pitiful 5mm mini straw hat led and weak driver. You've probable had one or more of these, so you know what I'm talking about. Well with this driver, a pill made from copper tubing, and an SSC P4 LED (rated at 240 lumen when driven with 1000 ma.) those lights are not pitiful any longer! Rather they are Amazing! I measure 975 ma at the LED on high mode with an AW IMR 14500 battery, and 500 to 700 ma at the LED with various 1.5v AA. ENERGIZER ULTIMATE LITHIUM produces the greatest output by far (700 ma) and alkaline... copper top, energizer, ray-o-vac, etc. coming in at 500 ma.

There is no regulation. It boosts pretty much all it can until you reach 800 ma on the output. Some testing shows that happens around 2 volt input. As your battery discharges, the light level produced gradually diminishes. Most people find this to be the normal expected behavior from a flashlight. When using a NiMh rechargeable, you can tell when the battery is getting low and stop before you drain the battery too far.

I am putting my money where my mouth (fingers I guess actually) is. I have already placed a 2nd order for more of the wonderful drivers.

3 year member, Flash-A-Holics Anonymous.
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