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2.8 amp output Based on an ATtiny MCU which you can reprogram quite easily
MODES — no matter which stars you short, there's always at least two modes There are some serious issues when trying to use it in a Convoy S2+
Alas, this driver doesn't fit in a Convoy S2+ body.

First, two of the bottom 7135s are positioned OVER the ground rim and leave no room for the ring that's supposed to secure the driver. The thing is, they could move the chips just a little bit to completely avoid this!

Second, the spring is too short/weak for the bottom switch to activate when the copper part with the LED is screwed all the way in, which you have to do to secure the reflector. Make sure to order some 8x10mm springs and be ready to do some soldering.

Third, this jumper config system is a joke. What I want from a flashlight is to just turn on and off — no modes; and there's no jumper for this. Good thing you can reprogram it, but
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