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This driver has a major design flaw.

It's a buck driver with a maximum voltage of 4.2V, so it can't be used with 2 cells. First problem, the driver drops out of regulation very fast, at about 3.7V. Look at any discharge curve of typical cells like the Panasonic NCR18650B or the Sanyo UR18650FM and you will see that this point comes pretty fast, expecially with protected cells. After the driver drops out of regulation, it decreases brightness - as any buck driver will, this itself is no surprise.
But now comes the real flaw: Below 3.7V the driver does not decrease the brightness linear and smoothly, it always jumps between brightness states, like 100% - 90% - 95% - 85% - 90% - 80%...
It's always going lower, higher, lower, higher and so on while steadily decreasing overall brightness. This kind of slow but very visible 'flickering' is really nasty.
First I thought I just had gotten a defective one and ordered this driver again 2 months later: same result.
Sorry Fasttech, this seems to be a bad apple...
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