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37-in-1 Arduino Compatible Sensor Shields Mega Module Kit w/ all-in-on protective carrying box ↓ details & specifications
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Electronic Components
Architecture Arduino
Package Type OEM
Dimensions us | metric
Depth 26 mm
Height 14 mm
Width 34 mm
Product Weight 10 g
SKU 1257800
DATE LISTED 2/18/2013
Packing list:
  • 1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-006
  • 1 x 2-color LED module KY-011
  • 1 x Hit sensor module KY-031
  • 1 x Vibration switch module KY-002
  • 1 x Photo resistor module KY-018
  • 1 x Key switch module KY-004
  • 1 x Tilt switch module KY-020 
  • 1 x 3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009
  • 1 x Infrared emission sensor module KY-005 
  • 1 x 3-color LED module KY-016
  • 1 x Mercury open optical module KY-017
  • 1 x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029
  • 1 x Active buzzer module KY-012 
  • 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-013
  • 1 x Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034
  • 1 x Mini magnetic reed modules KY-021
  • 1 x Hall magnetic sensor module KY-003
  • 1 x Infrared sensor receiver module KY-022
  • 1 x Class Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035
  • 1 x Magic light cup module KY-027
  • 1 x Rotary encoder module KY-040
  • 1 x Optical broken module KY-010
  • 1 x Detect the heartbeat module KY-039
  • 1 x Reed module KY-025
  • 1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032
  • 1 x Hunt sensor module KY-033
  • 1 x Microphone sound sensor module KY-038
  • 1 x Laser sensor module KY-008
  • 1 x 5V relay module KY-019
  • 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-001
  • 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-028
  • 1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024
  • 1 x Flame sensor module KY-026
  • 1 x Sensitive microphone sensor module KY-037
  • 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module KY-015
  • 1 x XY-axis joystick module KY-023
  • 1 x Metal touch sensor module KY-036
  • 1 x Box
Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1. Why are these called "Arduino Compatible"?
A1. The Arduino group demanded us to remove their logos and rename these products so that they do not lead customers to believe they are the same units sold by Arduino.
Q2. Are these real Arduino's, then?
A2. We cannot answer that question without starting a war :(. Officially, the answer is we do not know.
Q3. Are these 100% compatible with the "normal" Arudino's?
A3. Yes, they really are completely compatible with "normal" Arduino's. Build quality looks the same and everything (studio, library, tools, etc) just works. Just read the reviews here, here, here, and here.
Q4. What if I'm still concerned about the missing logos and about this being named as "Arduino Compatible"?
A4. If you're still in doubt, please buy from Arduino's official dealers. Yes they are more expensive, but if you're still worried we'd rather not take your order. We do not make these afterall and we are providing all the information we know. Don't kill the messenger.

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a great price
A good buy. I have used to experiment with an Arduino uno r3 bought here.
Reviewed on 1/30/2016 Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No


  • JoinedJul 2013
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Once you've completed the starter projects, this will provide many more options. Your imagination is the only limit.
Reviewed on 10/21/2015 Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No


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Comes with a storage box Comes with a paper to recognize them
Lack of Documentation
Very Good Sensors kit for someone who want a compilation of the most popular sensors. There is a paper with images of the sensors and theirs name (very practical to recognize them) i have cut this sh... (read full review)
Reviewed on 2/23/2015 Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No


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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Lots of different sensors available All compatible with the Arduino
No instructions
When I read that there were 37 sensors, I needed to buy it. So far, I've used about 6 sensors. They all work. The only real problem is trying to figure out what all of the sensors can do or where t... (read full review)
Reviewed on 5/22/2014 Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No
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