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2013 Boxing Day Sale & Door Crashers

Thank you for participating and Happy Holidays!

By participating in this sale, you expressly agree to the following terms and rules:
  1. Each customer may only take one single 50%+ off offer (listed above) and purchase only one unit (quantity: 1) of that offer.
  2. Door busters that are reserved to active forum members (blue circled items above) are available for those who opened a FastTech account before September 2013 and have made more than 100 posts, or have 20+ approved product reviews (regardless of date joined).
  3. Door buster items must be ordered from a special events page that will be announced on this page shortly before the sale starts. You do not have to spam the refresh button on those poor regular product pages.
  4. Door buster items are covered by our normal return policies. However, when refunded or exchanged, FastTech can only return your paid price (i.e. door buster items cannot be exchanged or refunded for their original value).
  5. Please select "Registered Airmail" or "USPS first-class" shipping for your own protection (these are free for orders $20+). If you order your door buster items via "Regular Airmail" shipping during checkout AND your items become lost in transit, FastTech will be unable to replace that package for you.
  6. FastTech strives to create and maintain the smoothest shopping experience for everyone during this event, but FastTech cannot be made responsible for technical glitches that may involve with network and browsers.
  7. Available offers count displayed may be delayed by up to 30 seconds.
  8. The following door busters are stackable with the XMAS coupon ONLY. DO NOT REMOVE THE XMAS COUPON AFTER IT'S BEEN APPLIED and DO NOT USE ANY OTHER COUPON CODES or else your door busters may get invalidated.
  9. If you remove a claimed door buster item from your shopping cart, FastTech will be unable to restore that item for you.