cilika wrote:

Well, I just don't think that sending photos in an e-mail or using some of these public sites is that much different seeing the evolving of things in the last couple of years. In final terms. But it's great to keep some illusions. (if you've ever read new "terms and conditions" of any e-mail hosting places, or even google, microsoft and so on and so on. :))

Unfortunately I'm getting the distinct expression that you are trying to interpret why I am not willing to involve myself in certain areas or facilities that are available on the internet. If I am willing to become involved in a product forum then surely I should be willing to be involved in everything that is available online, right? In case you missed it - I have previously stated that I am not willing to be drawn into an open discussion of my personal political reasons for avoiding any involvement in certain areas of the internet or specific types of companies. You seem to have assumed my reasons are privacy based, but I have never actually stated my reasons.

As this site is visited by members from different countries I will not enter into any discussion that involves Politics (or Religion) as invariably they seem to turn nasty. There's no point in fishing for explanations - if there was a personal message facility on this site I would possibly consider a conversation on the subject as I get the impression you are a calm and rational individual. But I can't promise you will be in agreement or not offended. If I openly state my reasons on here I can guarantee it will spark off a shitstorm, and life is too short for that. I get into enough stupid fights with one member on here, I don't want to get into the same stupid shit with half the forum.