cilika wrote:

Been using this site for posting photos for a year, no subscription or logging in needed.

Thanks for making the effort, but subscribe also means to enter one's self as a contributor or to make a contribution in any form. In this case I simply do not agree in any way, to make any contribution in any form, either by providing content, funding, or any type of personal detail to any image hosting site. I hope that helps clarify this matter.

It is understandable for people to assume that potential financial contributions would be the only reason an individual would refuse to be involved with such a facility, but such an assumption would be incorrect.

I believe if I made a statement that I refused to subscribe to Facebook or to a particular belief system this would be easier to grasp as neither require a paid subscription. But sometimes although many of us here speak English, we all speak different versions of it and frequently express ourselves differently so maybe that is the reason people are proposing different (free) image or file hosting sites. Thank you, but it really isn't necessary