philipvdb wrote:

No, you're not. I dont get it either but i never really went to the bottom of their dispute. I just liked doing that test. For the rest, I'm just sitting on the fence waiting to see who will throw the next punch.

Good job, Philip! Crispy has reiterated his erroneous argument time and again, that he can change resistance on precut wire by adding wraps.

While REMOVING metal (wraps, or length) is possible for LOWERING ohms, raising resistance is impossible on a set length of wire, case closed. Crispy is clearly not checking the wire's resistance beforehand - and of course, conveniently, he can't figure out how to work Imgur, so his word is all we get! I doubt a person that can't operate a picture hostisg site is credible in tech discussions...and that's not a joke, I'm dead serious.

...And While Eternal can't have an unbiased post, he should still know that this topic is VERY related to vaping-- for anyone that builds or just buys pre made...."Adding a wrap" will not, ever, by itself CHANGE ANYTHING....and unluckily for Crispy, he lets his hatred for me overtake his rational part of whatever brain he has!

That's why I don't do the whole "clique" thing....many of users here look silly by association, lol. Stand on your own!