So due to this post I dusted of some old stuff just for the purpose of nostalgia
back in the day I payed $7.33 for that beauty of an RTA and $8.32 for that Simple SS tube that still is good as new and will be good as new in 10 years from now. Simple tube, Simple button, well picked Simple name.
Flavour is excellent, the cloud is thick. and after turning the afc I still can MTL with it if I want. Building it not the easiest, small space for your coils and leads sharing the same post holes, but with little patience it is done in in minutes. Wicking is easy and it newer leaked for me. Top filling, and if you know what your doing it won't gurgle after filling it.
When this RTA arrived it felt like I holding a high end product in my hands, clean glass, good machining and polishing, O-rings are perfect and also it is not a "styled" RTA it is the UD Bellus RTA. Just a well made clean looking awesome product.