Your "goal" is unrealistic and unattainable. That's as plain as I can put it. They do not exist.

As amps goes up, Mah goes's a chemistry balancing act. A common balance is 25/30 amps and 2500mah.

Sony/Murata VTC5A, Molicell p26A , Samsung 25R. Those are your basic, tested, stable vape batteries. Time tested, Vape industry approved.

I would start there. If you absolutely have to buy from China, I will go and find a SKU or two for you here at FT, and edit them in...

Eww..factory seconds abound here, it seems...but there are two cells that should be good for any regulated mod user under 100 watts:

SKU 2706700 Samsung 25R
SKU 2363400 Samsung 30Q (good for extra battery life, keep under 75 watts for best results)

Both are well reviewed here as well, and I can attest to the quality of authentics (which these probably are)