At the time I first started vaping money was very short, no way could I buy expensive ready made coils, i started with those catomisers, you throw away, i didnt, i bought the wire and made new coils, yes it took a week to get it perfect, but the price now was nothing. As money improved I was able to buy better, not knowing much I bough e cigarettes which we all know were no use to those wanting to quit smoking, if you had been smoking a long time.

Right now, the UK NHS are giving 12 weeks of 15mg e cigarettes and patches, my wife will get them soon, so that should be funny, I remember when I tried them, thinking it was more like fresh air, and I had no chance of quitting.

The Kanger Subox Mini 50W was the first mod I bought, and I re built the coils each time, other than the first 5 that came with it, never bought another coil, then on here the top fed tank was being sold, so I grabbed it.

I bough SS, Chrome and every wire you could think of, it was a hobby to me as engineering all my life, it was fun, but now even though I can afford it, I wont buy brand names if Chinese copies are just as good, yer many are junk, but many are great, so I find the original, read the reviews, then see what FT has.